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Babe Mentorship Club

Future Bossy

The AllThingsBossy Brand core values are rooted in sisterhood and black excellence. We believe that mentorship is the driving force behind building a community of black women to have the resources, support, and platform they need to excel in their industry or field of expertise. As a team of women who know all too well how difficult and discouraging it is to navigate entrepreneurship on our own, we have made it our commitment to become the guiding hand we wish we had at the beginning of our journeys. Entrepreneurship is on the rise amongst black women, and we are intentional about nurturing young black women into future bossy babes.

Become a Mentee

As a mentee, it is your role to absorb your mentors' knowledge and desire to know what to do with this knowledge. As a mentee, you are allowed to learn from your mentor's mistakes and successes to reach your goals quicker. Your mentor will give you access to resources and information that will set you up for success. Real mentorship relationships are reciprocal; your mentor gets to learn about new ideas, strategies, and tactics from you, just as you'll learn timeless wisdom from them. We understand that success is not linear. And the journey of entrepreneurship is tiring and frustrating at times, but you must be committed to the work, focus, and determine to win, don't worry; your mentors will love you, encourage you, and support you through the process. Interested in becoming a bossy mentee? Sign up now!

Become a Mentor

The AllThingsBossy Brand believes that a mentor is both a personal cheerleader and coach. We want to partner with mentors that will provide young women with the guidance, motivation, emotional support they need to excel. You will be required to help them explore careers, set goals, develop contacts, and identify resources to help them succeed and navigate their unique path in entrepreneurship.


We are looking for mentors that are committed and intentional about helping young women on their journeys. We are looking for mentors who will nurture them, and teach them how to trust themselves when making decisions, build confidence, and stick with them in times of difficulties. Sounds like you? Sign up to be a Bossy Mentor!

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