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The Diamond Experience

Receive your complimentary beverage upon arrival.

You begin with assorted pastries, yogurt & granola parfait with fresh berries with an assorted cheese platter.

Scrambled Eggs, Blueberry Pancakes alongside potato hashbrowns, maple smoked bacon or chicken sausage, Wagyu Sliders & Fries, and Herb Marinated Chicken & Pasta 

Image by Fabian Centeno
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Image by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian

Then treat yourself to apple pie, assorted dessert squares, strawberry tarts and macarons.


Post Speakers and Discussion Segment, head out to the Front Garden and enjoy the lovely grazing table, drinks, while mingling with other like-minded women.

Partake in fun games to win amazing prizes as well.

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As we all know, diamonds are made under extreme pressure. It is natural to celebrate when we are experiencing a mountaintop moment, but how do we navigate our valleys? In our lows - are we not still diamonds? Sometimes during these seasons, we ask ourselves,,,


When our business is stagnant, when we’re feeling disconnected from God, our families, our community, when life simply isn’t going the way ‘we thought it would’ - how do we remain a diamond in every season? How do we go grow through challenges? How do we persevere? Whatever season we find ourselves in, how do we navigate the highs and lows of life?

are we not still worthy of abundance and excellency?



Join Us

for an exquisite afternoon of high society brunch, inspiring speakers, afternoon tea alongside your fellow Diamonds.



Sunday, the Fourth of September

two thousand twenty-two

Azuridge Estate Hotel

noon to six o'clock pm

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The Lookbook

The Purpose

of this event is to provide black women with a comfortable environment that encourages relevant and necessary conversations not only centered around building businesses, but also a holistic wellness strategy.


Top professionals in their practice will join us to give insight on topics such as financial, professional, spiritual, mental/emotional and personal wellness.

This year, we are honoured to have Mrs. Melane Mullings as the Keynote Speaker.





Melane Mullings is a successful entrepreneur, cancer survivor, former registered nurse, founder of Aere Management Consulting, and now author.

Melane’s cancer journey provided her a deep understanding of the foundations of success which she extrapolated to her first entrepreneurial venture in the healthcare recruiting space.

Melane is passionate about helping others unearth their life's purpose, and empowers her audiences with key strategies they can practically implement to earn more, work less and unlock a truly fulfilling life. Learn more about her remarkable story here.

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Teisha Iglesias

Talent, Partner & Inclusion Manager

Gelila Mast

Shakeyra Mason

Black Community Business 
Development Manager

Youth Ministry Director 
& Entrepreneur

Through her professional lens in HR, Teisha is bringing a unique perspective on the various stages of becoming a diamond. She'll dive into: who sees you for who you really are and your future potential? How are you responding to the fire? Who’s influencing/ nurturing your growth? What is your response to the transformation? and much more!

Whether you are just starting out or already operating a business, Gelila will provide insights and best practices to money management. Let's get into the Basics of Budgeting, Credit and Basic Investing.

Navigating Disappointment and Enduring the Process Authentically
Shakeyra will address the 'heavy stuff' we deal with while undergoing the pressure; Like when doing the right things don't bring results and dealing with the shame, guilt and disappointment in growth and success.

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